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    (some possible additions in the future)
    Expand page on constructing the floating pie pan experiment
    Expand page about levitating an aluminum sphere above a coil
    Expand page about levitating an aluminum sphere between two coils
    How to make a magnetic can crusher
    How to make a simple 3 phase ac motor drive
    How to build an aluminum can motor
    What are you interested in?

    Added https://www.homeadvisor.com/r/residential-electrical-circuit-help/
    Added Past publications of K&J Magnetics Newsletter

Removed www.magnetsales.com
    Added http://interactives.ck12.org/simulations/physics.html

Added Magnetic Putty

    Several changes were made including:
         updated or removed broken links
         added youtube video links to several of the magnetic items
         replaced Picosearch with SiteLevel for the site-search 
         added pages 
            How do magnets really work?
            What really is a magnetic field?
            How much energy does a magnet store?
            Twelve fundamentals of magnetism
            Designing magnetic circuits
            Youtube video and animation links
            Magnets in the news 
         Battery Train
        updated pentominoes page with new puzzles and videos

    Added http://www.overnightprints.com/magnets-for-kids as a link on maglinks.htm

    Updated first4magnets.com as a sponsor
    Updated first4magnets.com as a sponsor
    Corrected dead links 
    Expanded Magnet Math
    Removed BuyMagnets.com as a sponsor
    Added first4magnets.com as a sponsor
Added "Rising Force" to list of good books on magnetism
    Updated the hits counter chart. 
    Added BuyMagnets.com as a sponsor
    Added an aluminum pipe kit
Added toys for the executive
    Added source for ferrofluid
    Added Levitationarts for levitating assembly
    Added a magnetic toy
    Updated the hits counter chart.  We passed 4 million hits today!

    Added a North-South Magnetic Pole indicator circuit
Added info on how to buy a Hall Effect Device
    Added new levitators
    Added new magnetic puzzles and toys
    Added new magnetic base
    Added new books
    Added info on visit to Technorama
    Added new non-magnetic toys and puzzles
    Added new links to magnetic art
    Added new display with two DC electromagnets
    Updated number of hits

    Updated info in bio

    Added links to Steve Spangler Science to page with links to other sites and to suppliers page
    Added Shaw Magnets to suppliers page
    Added info on new MOVA rotating globe to page - a very well engineered product
    Disney store full of magnets - Magnetron
    Lego store in Downtown Disney has magnetic frames
    Added info on titanium being non-magnetic
    Added Tetris Cube to page
    Added photo of motor from hard drive
    Link to Scott Joplin's Magnetic Rag
    New caricature added
    Updated the hits counter chart.  We passed 3 million hits at the end of August, 2008!

    Added a link to Mag-Num Consulting Services on page with links to other sites
    Added info on new levitating globe to page
    Added info on mag-jig to page
    Added link to ScienceCastle.com to page

    Added a link to Applied Magnets on magnet supplies page

    Added a page about Magnets and Art
    Added some graphics to help explain the Magnets in Motion
    Added a caricature made of me
    Added info on tops
    Added information about the perpetual top
    Added link on ideas for perpetual motion machines
    Added links on making your own generator
    Added links on magnetic levitation
    Added Ball of Whacks to page on toys
    Added photo of a string of 100 magnetic spheres
    Added photos of an electronic compass and a link showing how to build one
    Added a super book, "Mondo Magnets"
    Added links on linear motors
    Added new links to Christian Seminaries and Biblical Studies

    Updated citation information
    Updated number of hits
    Removed incorrect phone number for kaleidoscope
    Updated link for Mike Gasperi's Lego NXT robotics

    Updated Lodestone Industries on magnet supplies page (used to be Quantum Magnetics)
    Added LED Gyroscope Top and Cupid's Arrow to the electromagnetic toys page
    Added AcroBots to the magnetic toys page

    Added MagCraft banner to magnet supplies page

    Added the game Polarity to more magnetic toys
    Added balancing pen to more magnetic toys
    Added cell phone vibrator motor to DC Motors 
Added homopolar motor to DC Motors - really cool!
    Added new book by Dr. Brauer to books page

    Added update safety notice
    Added the notice above regarding linking to this web site
    Added item to magnetic toys
    Added globe to more magnetic toys
    Added the Maxwell's Motor to DC Motors 
    Added European supplier for NIB magnets
    Added link to hyperphysics

    Added items to executive toys
    Added items to magnetic toys
    Added info to more magnetic toys
    Added items to electromagnetic toys 
    Set up images so you can click on them to start the animated gif file in Magnets in Motion
    Added better images for these pages:  field01, field02, field03, field04, field05, field06, field11, field12, field13
    Added images of fields around a wire and pairs of wire that carrying current
    Added references to videos in section of books and videos
    Added information on how magnets are made
    Cleaned up the magindex page

    Modified links and added banners to:
SargentWelch lots of science supplies
ScienceKit lots of science supplies
Ward's Natural Science lots of science supplies

    Changed Edmund links to ScientificsOnline
    Added banners for ScientificsOnline

    Added page on how to care for your magnets
    Modified page on magnetic fields
    Added page on visualizing magnetic fields
    Modified page with the gallery of magnetic fields and added 106 diagrams of fields
    Kept old gallery of fields, but moved to maggallery
    Added page on how to shield a magnet
    Added information on how to make the levitation kit stable electronically
    Added information on making a monopole
    Added information on the Jumping Ring experiment 
    Added another version of the Soma cube
    Added Wooden Puzzles to the Executive Toys
    Added magnetic rocks to things you can buy
    Added information on magnetic paint
    Added links to magnetic chuck sites
    Added Google Search and Ads to the ends of most pages - helping you find stuff

    Added Google Search and Google Ads to certain pages
    Added links to link page 
    Created mirror of this site at www.coolmagnetman.com which is much easier to remember

    Added levitation kit experiment from Guy Marsden 

    Updated address for "Just A Lil' Toy Store"
    Added link to a Science Fair information site
    Added links to ShopPBS Science & Math
    Added link to site with electromagnetic suspension kit  http://www.arttec.net/Levitation/Kit.html 
    Added Magnetoids to list of cool toys
    Fixed typos and removed broken links

    Updated hits page

    Added more animated gifs to Magnets in Motion, showing how fields move with magnets
    Added magnet suppliers and links.

    Added Magnets in Motion, showing how fields move with magnets

    Added formulas and octahedron to "Make-Your-Own-Sculptures"
    Added photo of magnetically rechargeable flashlight
    Added photo of new floating globe
    Added http://www.rare-earth-magnets.com/ as a source for magnets
    Added Magnet University to links page

    Added more photos of "Make-Your-Own-Sculptures"
    Added photos of experiment showing diamagnetic property of water
    Added photos of experiment with a doorbell
    Added new patent and schools to vita

    Added "Previous", "Home", "Next" links to the top of each page
    Corrected some misspellings and other minor changes
    Added links concerning biomagnetic therapy
    Added virtual physics link to links page
    Added another virtual physics link
    Updated link on maglev trains  (this has the info from http://bmes.ece.utexas.edu/~jcamp/physics/)

    Added Geomag toy
    Added Joe Bender
    Added diamagnetic levitator page and to toys
    Added Amazing Magnets as a source for magnets
    Added "Make-Your-Own Sculpture"
    Added "Highly Recommended for Educational Usefulness" award from Schoolzone to the main page
    Added Arabesk link to Executive Toys
    Updated the hit chart
    Updated link to Dowling Magnets

    Added search engine for web site
    Filled in information on Hall Effect devices materials
    Added a digit to the hit counter
    Removed a dead link from magfield.htm
    Updated the hit chart

    Added page on How do Magnets Work?
    Fixed link for science fair project on magnetic fields
    Added links to resources for teachers
    Added schematic for the simple gaussmeter

    Added the Home-Built Magnetic Levitator 
    Added a big list of uses for magnets and electromagnets around the house and car
    Added more photos and text about the simple AC motor
    Added link to a commercial magnetic levitator on page

    Added an Easy Electromagnet Experiment
    Added Make a Speaker!
    Added a link to the Pentominoes page
    Cleaned up the schematics for the gaussmeter and options

    Added the Ball Bearing Launcher experiment

    Added links to amazon.com for books on magnets
    Added link to the Magnet Shop in Australia
    Added SciLink to the page describing the pendulum experiment
    Added info on FREE Student Version of Ansoft's Maxwell 2D software
    Added info on collecting micrometeorite dust
    Corrected some of the hypertext links and spellings

    Corrected spelling errors (clever, not cleaver!)
    Added a couple of new links about magnetic suspension and sculptures
    Added links for high voltage kits and for software for simulating electrical circuits
    Additional information on where to find magnesium
    (Thank you to those who have written with the above suggestions and corrections!)
    By the way, it appears that the link to http://bmes.ece.utexas.edu/~jcamp/physics/ is no longer active.  This was an excellent site.  I'll try to see if it has been moved to another location or if I can publish a copy of it.

    Added SciLink to the page describing the copper pipes experiment
    Updated chart showing number of hits
    Added photos and descriptions of more DC motors
    Added photos of "The Plank" to Electromagnets
    Added photo of a solenoid from a dishwasher to Solenoids
    Added photos of battery powered electromagnet to Cool Electromagnet Toys
    Added photos of dissecting a speaker to Electromagnets
    Added photos of a Jacob's Ladder in a box to Electromagnets
    Added photos of using BB's to measure the strength of magnets
    Added photos of the Levitron Perpetuator working
    Added photos of a Perpetual Calendar using magnets
    Added photos of unusual configurations with superconductors
    Added photos of the Zero Gravity Levitator toy, here too
    Added photos of a demo of Fleming's Left Hand Rule
    Added photos of transformer action using AC electromagnets
    Added info on the sun's magnetic field flipping every 11 years at the peak of the sunspot activity
    Added photo on an Atomic Clock

    Fixed patent links since the site changed from IBM to delphion.
    Expanded and modified page on inexpensive Gaussmeter.
    Showed the three pages of Gaussmeter information on the magindex.htm.
    Added link to http://www.greatsouth.net/ for minerals on What is attracted to magnets?

    Added photos of Meissner effect.

    Greatly expanded page on What is magnetism?
    Added page on What types of magnets are there?
    Added page on What affects the strength of a magnet?
    Expanded page on What is near the Geographic North Pole, ...?
    Expanded page on Magnetism in space
    Added page on Is there free energy in magnets?
    Greatly expanded page on What is attracted to magnets?
    Greatly expanded page on How strong are magnets?
    Greatly expanded page on What do magnetic fields look like?
    Added page on Magnet math
    Added page on Magnetism and biology
    Expanded page on Superconductivity
    Added page on Solenoids.
    Greatly expanded section on Experiments with motors
    Added an item to the Pentominoes page.
    Added some more cool new items to the end of the page of Executive Toys.
    Added info on brushless DC motors and fixed link on page.
    Added the expt.gif (888 bytes) key to items that have experiments you can buy or build.
    I think I touched just about every page. 

    Added some cool new items to the end of the page of Executive Toys.

    Corrected the hit counter.  Added 40,000 to the present number.
    Fixed the link to http://www.oz.net/~coilgun/levitation/home.htm

    Added link to the list of sites on AC motor design
    Noted change in the hit counter.  It was reset sometime in March 2000.

Added the page on Types of Magnets.
    Added the three navigation boxes (previous page, home page, next page) to each page.  So now you can visit every page in this site by clicking on the "NEXT" button at the bottom of each page.  (Hope you like those horseshoe magnets!)
    Removed a dead link.
    Added to list of ways to levitate objects.

    Added some great links to sites on the science of magnets, how to design magnets, and magnetic glossaries.
    Added another link to show the North and South poles of Earth.
    Added link to a handbook on Copper Pipes (Tubes).

    Added science fair project information to page on How strong are magnets?.
    Added project information to page on Suspended Objects.
    Added a few more choice links to the list, again.

    Added items to Executive toys without magnets, including a Jacob's Ladder and Drinking Bird.
    Added items to Cool toys you can buy.
    Added a section on magnetic minerals to What's attracted to magnets?.
    Added an improvement to Magnetic Plumb.
    Added page and links on Magnetism in space.
    Added pages and links on AC and DC motors.   Important addition! Don't miss this!
    Added several books to the list.
    Added a few more links to the list, too.
    Added a couple of field views to the list and a link with animated fields.

    Added this page on What's New.
    Added photos of large floating donuts and other smaller donuts.
    Added free magnetic field FEA link.
    Added links on Suspended Objects.
    Added link to pioneers in electromagnetism.
    Added link to science museums.
    Added link to Magnetic Formulas.
    Added photo of another chaotic pendulum, ROMP.
    Added photo of magnetic sculpture toy.

    Added page on Modifications to the Gaussmeter.
    Added bio to the Demo page.
    Added link to "How Strong are Magnets?" page.
    Added links to "Who else has cool stuff on magnets?" page.

    Added page on building a Gaussmeter.

    Added information on where to obtain items for levitating train.
    Added links to "Suspended Objects" page.
    Modified links page.

    Added pages on pentominoes, puzzles and executive toys without magnets.
    Added more magnetic toys to the other pages.

    Added links to pages on earth's magnetic poles and material attractions.

    Modified reference to Grolier Encyclopedia.
    Added link to future Gaussmeter page.

    Added plots of fields from simulation program, Ansoft.

    Put Magnet Man page on the net.