Experiments with magnetic levitation

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This exhibit is presently under construction.  When I have something to show, I'll add it here.

This is something I first found out about from the original Mr. Magnet at MIT.  

Plans for this can be found in the following reference:

Physics Demonstration Experiments  Vol 2 (Heat, E&M, Optics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics)
Harry F. Meiners
The Ronald Press Company, NY
    It can be found under the Magnetism section 31-2.22, page 945.

This requires a fair amount of work to build.  Steel laminations need to be procured, cut, mounted, oil filled caps are needed, and two large center-tapped windings of about 1000' each need to be wound and varnished.  Cost will be about $500 plus labor.

I may start with a different kind of levitator.