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Who else has cool stuff on magnets?

Resources for Teachers  Interesting site with several hands-on demonstrations, in a story-telling teaching style  A great site for a review about electricity and its uses around the house along with games about electricity and magnets
Past publications of K&J Magnetics Newsletter  Another great site that has a lot of interesting and very useful projects you can easily build using magnets. This lists their past projects from their newsletter.

Home Schooling Resources at

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Need a consultant for a special electro-magnetic or electro-mechanical design?
I would highly recommend Mag-Num Consulting Services.
Types of projects they have worked on, and who has used their services.
They can be contacted here.

Magnetic Levitation

Magnet Demonstrations

Other Physics Demos and well done demos and explainations!
Physics Demonstrations, A Sourcebook for Teachers of Physics by Julien C. Sprott for some high voltage kits and experiments, using magnetic fields

Virtual Physics Labs  a site with hundreds of interesting physics resources along with some regarding magnets (of course!)
Especially as a site with virtual labs  great site for playing with magnets using the computer as a lab  has other physics stuff with java

Electricity and Magnetism  Great site regarding how power can be transmitted wirelessly to other devices using a resonant technology


The Science of Magnets, How to Design Magnets, Glossary of Magnetic Terms (great sites to learn about Magnets!)

Discovering Electricity and Magnetism

Pioneers in Electromagnetism

Science Museums Worth Visiting
Science museums and children's museums are great places to go and see things and touch things and make things work.
Whenever I visit a city, I check out their museums.
Here are some I would recommend.

Technorama (Oberwinterthur, Switzerland)
Fantastic place, go if you are in the area.
They have a large area dedicated to magnetism.  
I spent a whole Saturday there in the fall and was hoping I could be locked in overnight!
They must have the world's largest Wimshurst machine.

Exploratorium (San Francisco)
A fun place to visit - take your time looking at all the stuff they have!  A lot of good resources available from them.

Franklin Institute (Philadelphia)
This has a lot of basic electromagnetic experiments that you can play with.  

MSIChicago (Museum of Science and Industry - Chicago)
A huge place, lots and lots of good stuff to see.

Discovery World (Milwaukee)
They had a nice display on magnets, electromagnets and motors, but since they moved, they haven't reappeared. 
They have a great Tesla show, and a lot of other disciplines.

Swiss Museum of Transport (Luzern, Switzerland)
Trains, planes, automobiles, ships, submarines, balloons, busses, helicopters, trams - they have them all, old and new, inside and out!
See how motors are used on trains and ships!